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  • August 16, 2016
    Integrating Safety Designs for Increasing Energy Demands Underlying Theme for 7th Annual Battery Safety Conference

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  • August 15, 2016
    General Motors and Lenovo to Deliver Keynote Presentations at Lithium Battery Power Conference

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  • August 7, 2015
    General Motors, Lenovo, and Porsche to Deliver Keynote Presentations at Lithium Battery Power Conference

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Sponsor a Webcast Over the past 16 years, the Knowledge Foundation has developed many internationally-recognized conferences and publications that have helped define such advanced technology areas at Fuel Cells, Battery Technology and Detection Technologies. Affiliation with the Knowledge Foundation improves event credibility and perception as highly technical.More Information

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Sponsor and Exhibit Packages

Knowledge Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for your company to maximize its exposure amongst these leading scientists and executives around the globe. Knowledge Foundation events deliver a highly qualified, targeted audience through its vast online marketing resources, diversified product line, industry specific publications, and extensive database with over 800,000 records at our fingertips. Knowledge Foundation will work closely with you to develop a customized event marketing solution tailored to meet your specific sales and budget objectives.


Knowledge Foundation ’s cost-effective opportunities include exhibit booth space, conference specific sponsored presentations or workshops, networking receptions, surveys, VIP invite-only dinners, advertisements in industry specific publications, educational training, various promotional items and Knowledge Foundation produced user group meetings.


VALUE OF Knowledge Foundation ’s FACE-TO-FACE EVENTS 

Knowledge Foundation ’s events are an essential component to a cost-effective and successful marketing strategy!

Leading industry research supports this fact.

  • The most effective lead generation vehicles include in-person events, industry specific magazines, and online marketing.
  • 63% indicated in-person events are considered the best tactic to generate qualified leads.
  • Exhibitions continue to attract a high quality audience before, during and after national recessions. Exhibitions also continue to attract first‐time attendees during recessionary periods.*

Benefits of Sponsorship and Exhibiting at Knowledge Foundation Events 

  • Intimate, targeted events that allow you to meet and influence senior level scientists, executives, and decision makers
  • Develop new business leads via our networking events and participation in our Break-out Sessions (specific to event content)
  • Revisit existing customers, support & strengthen the relationship for future growth
  • Brand your company name and generate awareness of your corporate image
  • Typical Knowledge Foundation event attendees include: C-Level Executives, Directors, Scientists 
  • Continue to build your brand by sponsoring and exhibiting at multiple Knowledge Foundation events and qualify to become a Knowledge Foundation Strategic Alliance Member
  • Display your scientific poster presentation to the vast international leaders that attend our events from top commercial, academic, and government institutions.

For more information, please contact 

Sherry Johnson

Manager, Business Development

781-972-1359 |