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Next Generation Batteries 2017
Next Generation Batteries 2017

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Batteries for Utilities: Collaborating to Improve Stationary Energy Storage

with Michael Liu, North America Regional Manager, ESS Development, BYD America
and William Torre, Director, Energy Storage Research, Center for Energy Research, University of California, San Diego

Michael Liu of BYD America and William Torre of UCSD speak to CHI on January 23, 2015. Mr. Liu and Mr. Torre will be co-presenting their battery supplier/utilities partnership during the Grid-Scale Energy Storage conference track at Next Generation Batteries 2015, April 21-22 in San Diego, CA.

Topics Include: collaborative efforts to develop an energy storage microgrid, the evolution of battery-based stationary energy storage applications, the role of higher-energy densities and lower costs, and the transition toward renewables in the power grid


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