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Batteries in Space: Preventing Catastrophic Failures and Validating Safe Designs Podcast

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Dr. Judith Jeevarajan of NASA Johnson Space Center speaks to CHI on October 13, 2014. Dr. Jeevarajan will be a speaker during the Knowledge Foundation’s Battery Safety conference, November 13-14 in Washington, DC.

Topics include: battery testing at NASA to determine failure modes and improve designs for safe use in space, unique challenges and conditions in the deep space vacuum, cell-to-cell thermal runaway propagation and more.


  • batteries in outer space
  • NASA battery testing
  • lithium ion safety
  • battery cell failure
  • thermal runaway propagation
  • battery design failure
  • battery hazards in space
  • cell abuse test
  • battery failure modes
  • NASA battery research
  • NASA Johnson Space Center
  • safe battery designs
  • catastrophic failures
  • batteries in deep space vacuum
  • batteries ambient pressure
  • battery off-nominal conditions
  • batteries in microgravity
  • battery abusive conditions
  • external shorts
  • battery overcharge
  • human-rated space environment
  • li-ion battery
  • electrochemistry
  • thermodynamic electrochemical studies

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