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Attendee List

Partial list of attendees as of October 24
A123 Systems, VP, R&D
Advanced Renewable Power, Chairman & CTO, Renewable Energy
Albemarle Corp, Tech Svc Specialist, Customer Applications
Albemarle Corp, VP Lithium, Lithium & Advanced Materials
alpha En Corp, Managing Dir
alpha-En Corporation
Apple Inc, Engineer, Product Safety
Apple Inc, Engineer
Arbin Instruments
Argonne Natl Lab, Dir, Joint Ctr for Energy Storage Research JCESR
Argonne Natl Lab, Materials Scientist & Team Leader, Advanced Battery Research for Transportation
Arkema Inc, VP R&D
ARPA E Advanced Research Projects Agcy, Sr Commercialization Advisor
BioSolar Inc, CEO
Boston Power Inc, CTO
Brookhaven Natl Lab, Assoc Scientist, Ctr for Functional Nanomaterials
CAMX Power, VP
Carnegie Mellon University, Asst Prof, Mechanical Engineering
CEA, Project Mgr, LITEN & DEHT
Chalmers University of Technology, Assoc Prof Subatomic & Plasma Physics
Cochlear Ltd, Project Mgr
Concorde Battery Corp, VP Advanced Battery Technology
Crown Battery Mfg, Research Engineer
CSA Grp, Mgr, Global Energy Storage
Daimler AG, RD & EKB
Dalhousie University, Research Assoc
Delaware State University, Prof of Chemistry & Dir
DfR Solutions, Tech Dir
Duracell, VP R&D
Energy Storage Publishing Ltd, Editor & Publisher
ESPEC North America Inc, Mechanical Engineer
European Commission, Research Fellow
Exko Services, CEO
Exponent Inc, Assoc, Materials & Corrosion Engineering Practice
Faraday Future, Engineer, Battery Safety & R&D
FFI Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Chief Engineer
Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Prof & Dept Head
General Atomics, Engineer
General Motors Corp, Sr Safety Engineer
GrafTech Intl, Sr Research Assoc
Honda R&D, Asst Chief Engineer
Honda R&D Americas Inc, Engineer
Honda R&D Americas Inc, Principal Engineer
Honda Research Institute USA, Principal Engineer
Honeywell Aerospace, Lead Battery Technologist
IFP Energies Nouvelles, Electrochemical Engineer
Individual Consultant, President
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Researcher, Lithium Battery Reliability Design
Iowa State University, Grad Researcher
Iowa State University, Postdoc
J McHardy LLC, President
Johns Hopkins University, Principal Professional Staff Scientist
Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Battery Modeling Engineer
Kinsbursky Brothers Inc, Dir Environmental Affairs
KIST, Principal Research Scientist, Ctr for Energy Convergence Research
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Lab, Staff Scientist, Environmental Technology & Energy
Leclanche North America, Chief Engineer
Lenovo, Battery Technology Engineer
Lishen Intl Inc
Lockheed Martin, LM Fellow
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Data Analyst
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
MACCOR Inc, Sr Engineer
MaxPower Inc, Principal Research Scientist
Morgan Advanced Materials
NASA Glenn Research Ctr, Research Scientist & Engineer
NASA Johnson Space Ctr, Heat Transfer Analyst
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr, Engineer
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr, Materials Research Engineer
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr, Mechanical Engineer
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr Crane Div, Engineer
Naval Undersea Warfare Ctr NUWC, Engineer
Nexceris LLC, Project Engineer
NHTSA Natl Hwy Traffic Safety Administration, Chief, Special Vehicles & Systems
NHTSA Natl Hwy Traffic Safety Administration, Director, Office of Crashworthiness Standards
NHTSA Natl Hwy Traffic Safety Administration, NVS 113
NHTSA Natl Hwy Traffic Safety Administration, Rulemaking
NHTSA Natl Hwy Traffic Safety Administration, Vehicle Safety Research Engineer
Nissan Tech Ctr N America Inc, Research Assoc, Zero Emissions
Novonix, President & CEO
NUWC Keyport, Electronics Engineer
Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Grp Leader, Computational Engineering & Energy Sciences
Oak Ridge Natl Lab, Sr Staff Scientist, Physical Chemistry of Materials Grp
PneumatiCoat Technologies, VP Bus Dev
PRBA Rechargeable Battery Association, Exec Dir
Princeton University, Asst Prof, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
QuantumScape Corp
Recharge aisbl, Consultant
Retriev Technologies, Tech Dir
Rimkus Consulting Grp Inc, Principal Consultant
Rimkus Consulting Grp Inc, VP Electrical
SAFT, Product Tech & Safety Dir
SAFT America Inc, Dev Engineer
Samsung SDI, Sr Engineer
Samsung SDI, System Group
Sandia Natl Labs, Energy Storage Technology & Systems
Sandia Natl Labs, Principal Member Tech Staff
SEA Ltd, Sr Project Engineer
Shmuel De Leon Energy Ltd, CEO
Silatronix Inc, Electrochemist
Southwest Electronic Energy Corp, Dir Product Dev
Southwest Electronic Energy Corp, Electrical Engineer
SP Tech Research Institute of Sweden, Researcher
Space Systems Loral, Battery Technology Technical Consultant
Spear Power Systems, Test Engineer
Stanford University, Prof & Head
Stoebich Technology GmbH, Managing Dir & CTO
StrategicSupport Dienstleistungs UG
SUNY Binghamton, Distinguished Prof
Tactical Defense Media, Ofc Administrator
Teledyne Energy Systems Inc, Test Programs Mgr
Tesla Motors, Engineering Battery Diagnostics
Texas A&M University, Asst Prof, Mechanical Engineering
Thermal Hazard Technology, Dir N American Operations
Toray Battery Separator Film Co, GM & Chief Engineer
Toyota Tech Ctr, Sr Engineer
Tripp Lite, Sr Design Engineer
Tsinghua University, Auto Crash Lab
Tsinghua University, Automotive Engineering
Tsinghua University, Doctoral Candidate
UL LLC, Research Dir Electrochemical Safety
ULVAC Inc, ULVAC Fellow & GM
ULVAC Technologies Inc, Mgr
ULVAC Technologies Inc, Product Mgr I
ULVAC Technologies Inc, Tradeshow Coordinator
University of Caen Normandy, Research Fellow
University of Maryland College Park, Asst Prof, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Maryland College Park, CALCE
University of Maryland College Park, CALCE
University of Maryland College Park, CALCE
University of Maryland College Park, Prof & Dir, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Maryland College Park, Research Assoc
University of Miami, Prof, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of Muenster, Research Assoc, MEET Battery Research Ctr
University of Texas Dallas, Endowed Chair Prof
University of Warwick, Research Scientist, Electrochemical Engineering Grp
US Army Research Lab, Research Physicist, Explosive Effect Branch
US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Electrical Engineer
US Dept of Energy, Materials Engineer, Vehicle Tech
US Dept of Transportation, Chemist, Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Saftey Ad
US Dept of Transportation, Transportation Regulations Specialist, Hazmat Safety
US Naval Research Lab, Materials Research Engineer, Alternative Energy & Chemistry
US Naval Surface Warfare Ctr, Sr Electrical Power Systems Engineer, Advanced Power & Energy Branch
US Naval Undersea Warfare Ctr NUWC, Electrical Engineer
US Navy, Engineer, Advanced Power & Energy Grp
US Navy, Engineer
US Navy, Project Engineer, Energy Power & Interconnect Technologies
Virginia Polytechnic Inst & State University, Asst Prof, Mechanical Engineering
Washington State University, Solar Energy Specialist
Wildcat Discovery Technologies Inc, CSO & Sr Scientist
Wyon AG
YPF SA, Jefe de Energías Renovables

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