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Lithium Battery Power

Significant increases in the global demand for lithium-based batteries have created exciting breakthroughs in next-generation Li-ion and beyond lithium battery technologies. From micro-medical devices to high-energy/high-power automotive applications, these breakthroughs have paved the way for an emerging market with unlimited potential. The 11th Annual Lithium Battery Power conference focuses on two distinct tracks on materials & commercialization and addresses critical issues facing the industry, presents innovative advancements in research on lithium batteries, and fosters cross-industry discussions on ways to take viable technologies from research to practical application and manufacturing.

Track 1

One of the greatest challenges in creating higher-performing, lower-cost batteries is moving these emerging technologies from research to market. Lithium Battery Power’s Track 1: Commercialization & Manufacturing guides you through device packaging, integration and manufacturing with a full spectrum of lithium-ion battery applications.

Track 2

Breakthroughs in novel battery chemistries, electrode/electrolyte materials, high-capacity cathodes/anodes and system integration have produced a vast array of automotive, portable, industrial and stationary applications. Significant innovation in research and engineering for energy storage technologies in lithium-ion batteries combined with extensive achievements in safety and reliability have propelled this technology to the forefront of innovation. Lithium Battery Power’s Track 2: Chemistry, Materials & Modeling provides an in-depth examination of the critical components of Li-ion and beyond lithium battery development.

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